Fresh Hilsa 700 -800 gr size 1 piece price) cleaned cut ₹ 1190 (gross weight) cleaned

₹1,390.00 ₹1,190.00

Hilsa is considered as one of the tastiest fish thanks to its soft oily texture, mouthwatering flavour, and incredible mouthfeel. All Bengalis usually wait for this monsoon season because the import of hilsa fish is high in the market at this time.

Nutrition facts:
A 100 g hilsa contains 22 g protein and 19.5 g fat.

Perfect for:
Many recipes are made using Hilsa fish, for example, Bhapa Illish, Ilish Paturi, Sorsebata Ilish, Doi Ilish & many more.

Note: After cutting & cleaning gross weight may reduce up to 20-30%

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